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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Player Wins

Wee, player wins!

Player wins track the number of games where the run contribution of the player single-handedly wins the game for his team. In essence, it is the number of games that the team could not have won without that player. Useless sabermetrically, but a good stat for MVP debates.

More precisely, the qualification formula for a player win is this:

ΔRuns team won by < (Runs + RBI - HR)

For the 2005 Season:
1. Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox - 31 wins
2. Vladimir Guerrero, Los Angeles Angels - 29 wins
2. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox - 29 wins
2. Manny Ramirez, Boston Red Sox - 29 wins
5. Utley, Teixeira, Soriano, Rowand, A. Rodriguez - tied with 26

Win% is the percentage of the team's wins which can be attributed to the player. It simply takes player wins and divides by the team's wins.

For the 2005 Season:
1. Todd Helton, Colorado Rockies - 37.37% (25/67)
2. Jeff Kent, Los Angeles Dodgers - 33.80% (24/71)
3. Richie Sexson, Seattle Mariners - 33.33% (23/69)
3. Randy Winn, San Francisco Giants - 33.33% (25/75)*
5. Teixeira, Soriano, E. Brown - tied with 32.91%


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